Work from Home Solutions

Your Couch is Not a Workspace

Work Well from Home

With evolving “work-from-home” dynamics and more and more employers offering work from home options for employees, the need for ergonomic products for the home office has never been greater. Productivity, comfort and physical wellbeing should not suffer simply because we’re working remotely.

A Healthier Way to Work From Home

As appealing as the couch might be, our standing desk workstations offer an elegant, robust and ergonomic solution to work productively from the comfort of your own home. Most importantly, they don’t require a complete replacement of your existing desk or table. Whether a dining room table, kitchen countertop or an existing home office desk, the Uprite Ergo® Sit2Stand™ workstations are a simple, affordable and innovative way to bring good ergonomic fundamentals and a healthy posture to your typical work day.

Transform Your Home Office

With Uprite Ergo®, transforming your home office is made simple with our ergonomic products. Whether it’s our Sit2Stand™ workstations or products from our organization and storage assortment, Uprite Ergo® has the solutions to make the transition to working at home productive and conducive to your physical health. Simply shop for the products that suit you best and add some accessories to improve your workflow. From organising chaotic cables to adding functional desk storage, Uprite Ergo® has a comprehensive line of products to supplement and streamline your work.