Uprite Ergo®

Our Story

As a leader in ergonomics, Uprite Ergo® provides products that promote a healthy, more active working environment. In recent years, the traditional office workspace has seen a shift towards healthier and more active workplaces, and consequently the emergence of ergonomic tools to enable this has occurred. Modern ergonomic tools can be directly linked to improved employee health, productivity and comfort at work. Numerous medical studies associate prolonged sitting and sedentary work environments with metabolic syndrome and heightened risks of heart attack and stroke.

Founded in 2014, Uprite Ergo® focuses on creating high-performance products and ergonomic tools to improve the overall health and comfort of office workers. Headquartered in Atlanta, our first sit-to-stand products received strong market acceptance that subsequently led to additional desk-top options being added to broaden our product portfolio.

Following the introduction of our industry-leading Sit2Stand™ workstations the company added products bringing organization and desk-storage to standing desk solutions and continues to develop breakthrough ergonomic products.


Let Uprite Ergo® transform your workspace to help improve your productivity and reclaim your health.