Ways to Prevent a Stress-Induced Burnout at Work


Nothing good can happen when stress levels start to go out of control. Over time, your work performance starts to slip, and you find yourself disillusioned and totally wiped out. In situations like these, it could be safe to say that you are suffering from burnout, which if left unchecked could ruin your relationships at work and home as well as ravage your health.


That does not mean you have to sit idly by while burnout threatens to destroy your life. Instead, by following the advice outlined here from Uprite Ergo, you can start getting yourself over the hump today.

What is Burnout?


When evaluating how to get over your stress, you should first take some time to assess how you are feeling and decide whether or not you are undergoing burnout. On a basic level, it is a state of mental and physical exhaustion caused by regularly high levels of stress. Over time, you start to lose interest in what you are doing, and your productivity likely plummets as a result. Of course, most of us feel like this at some point or another. When you feel like this most of the time, however, you may want to consider getting some help.


Burnout vs. Stress


While stress can cause burnout, they are not necessarily the same thing. The biggest difference is in an individual’s frame of mind and how he or she copes with it. Burnout is a feeling more of emptiness and hopelessness. Excessive stress, on the other hand, is more of an overwhelming feeling. To put it simply, stress is drowning, but burnout is when you are all dried up. Stress is also typically easier to notice than burnout.


Signs of Burnout


Burnout can be difficult to assess for many people, but if you start noticing any of these symptoms, you could very well be moving in that direction.


  • What you would call a “good” day is few and far between.
  • You find it hard to care about work or home.
  • You spend most of your days doing something you consider dull.
  • You find yourself questioning the importance of anything you do.


This frame of mind often leads to physical conditions that can make getting through the day all that much harder. In other words, if you start developing illnesses, that could be a sign of deep burnout.

How to Prevent and Treat Burnout


Many stress management techniques can apply to burnout cases as well, with the general idea being that promoting a healthier lifestyle for yourself can often work wonders. This includes eating healthier and exercising.


It also deserves to be mentioned that overcoming burnout mostly depends on your frame of mind. By learning to slow down and seek the support of loved ones, you can help yourself to reevaluate your priorities and goals so that you can be a more active force in your life.


Along these same lines, learn to set boundaries and stand up for yourself. If your job is causing you undue stress, look at why this is happening and what kind of change you need to make to alleviate the tension. Maybe you need to make a career change or foster more of your creative side? Only you can answer these questions.


Learn Other Burnout Prevention Techniques


For more techniques on how to prevent burnout or for information on what you can do to promote a healthier lifestyle, contact a representative at Uprite Ergo today.




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