Read more to learn how to make and achieve your personal work goals, and how standing at work at a height-adjustable desk can help.

How to Make and Meet Personal Goals at Work

Do you work hard, but feel like you never get anywhere? You are not alone. Many people feel adrift on the Atlanta office scene. You may have a sense of where you would like to be and a what you would like to accomplish, but lacking tangible goals is a driving force behind your feelings of inadequacy.

Setting goals is powerful. Your goals pull your positive thinking and actions into the future, bringing you closer and closer until you finally meet the success you have sought. Where do you want to go in life, at your job? Would you like to land that big promotion? Or simply stand longer at one time at your height-adjustable desk? Setting goals will help you to get there. Here are tips for making and meeting your personal goals at work.


Why Should You Have Work Goals?

You already have a lot of stuff to worry about at work. Your mind is preoccupied with schedules, projects and presentations—why would adding your personal goals into the mix be beneficial? As previously mentioned, setting goals is a powerful tool that propels you to success. This is not like meeting your deadlines. There is a certain pride that comes with meeting a personal goal that you will not find anywhere else. The best thing about setting work goals is that once you reach one, you will want to seek more and more.


The Basics of Setting Personal Goals

There are two types of personal goals—long term and short term. That in itself is pretty simple and self-explanatory, but how do you decide how to categorize your goals? The first step is to generate an overall picture of your life over the next ten years. Where would you like to be? What would you like to accomplish? Once you have this completed, break your goals into smaller target areas or “stepping stones” that lead to the completion of the bigger picture. You can start working on your personal work goals as soon as you have them outlined.


Staying on the Path Towards Success

Setting goals is the easy part—putting in the work to complete your goals and staying on the path towards success is the real challenge. Do not be afraid to change your goals or modify your path at any point. In fact, you should review your personal goal outline periodically. Your goals should remain specific, meaningful, attainable, rewarding and on a time-line. Following these rules will help you to make “SMART” work goals.


Standing at Work Can Help

Using a height-adjustable desk and standing at work can help you to meet both your long and short term personal goals. Standing throughout the day has many benefits, both mentally and physically, such as improved focus and productivity. Along the route of achieving goals, welcome any help you can get. If you would like more information on the Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable Desk, visit our product page or contact a representative with Uprite Ergo today.

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