Four Tips for Improving Your Mental Health at Work

There are many serious mental health problems that require professional health and even treatment with medication to overcome. It is important to begin reading this with that understood, as avoiding help can be very dangerous. Putting aside those serious complications, there are some ways that you can improve your mental health at work yourself. Unhealthy patterns or ripples in your personality can be explained and dealt with by science. If you find that you are not functioning fully while working at your height-adjustable desk each day, maybe it is time for a little brain tune-up. Here are some tips for improving your mental health at work.

  1. Set Personal Work Goals

Setting your sights high and aiming for the stars is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you should not limit your capabilities but always work to achieve your top potential. One the other—overshooting can lead to failures, which do not help to improve your positive mental health at work. In fact, these failures are linked to increased death rates, and trying to achieve too much perfection is linked to depression.

How do you set personal work goals without setting yourself up for failure and falling into this common trap? The simple answer is easier said than done—do not take failure too seriously. Set small goals that you know you can easily achieve. Create a goal list with “stepping stone” goals that help you to reach the bigger picture. If you do fail to achieve a goal, brush it off, take a day to recoup and then get right back to it.


  1. Spend Time Outdoors

Your Atlanta office job takes up most of your day, every day. So much so that you might forget how important it is to get some fresh air and sunshine. Nature and the brain are interconnected. One study found that walking outside for just 90 minutes can decrease activity in the part of the brain that generates negativity. Spending time outdoors can even boost your self-esteem and improve your focus—both of which are very valuable work assets. Make time each day to get outside and let nature revitalize your mind.


  1. Make Meditation Part of Your Routine

Meditation is much more than just sitting around doing nothing—it is great for your mental health. Studies have found that those who meditate are able to shift their thoughts to overcome depression and change destructive patterns. Being able to clear the mind is a valuable skill that can improve your cognitive function.


  1. Try Standing at Work

Inactivity is another leading cause of poor mental health problems that could be affecting your work. If you are confined to a desk throughout your day, it is difficult to make extra time to be active. Switching to a height-adjustable desk could solve this problem. There are many benefits to standing at work, including improved function and mental wellness. If you would like more information on our design, the Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable Desk, visit our product page or contact a representative with Uprite Ergo today.

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