Creating a Zen-Like Office


With today’s work-first mentality, you likely spend as much—if not more—of your waking hours at the office as you do at home. Why is it that we don’t put more effort into creating office spaces that look and feel more calming and comfortable? Our offices are filled with distractions throughout the day. There are, however, many ways to make a much more zen-like office space that will not only allow you to enjoy the space more but will also increase your overall productivity.

Achieve Calm and Simple Productivity


A clear desk and office area will drastically help clear your mind and allow you to focus. Here are some of the best ways to start creating a Zen-like office space today:


  • Clear everything. Start with the papers on your desk; there’s no way you need them all. Go through every single one and assess whether or not you need it. This may take several sessions if your pile is exceptionally large, but you’ll find that it is definitely worth it. For each piece of paper, decide what to do with it: recycle, delegate to someone else, file immediately, deal with immediately or save it for later. Create an “action” folder for papers saved for later if you do not already have one.

    Once you have dealt with the papers on your desk, it is time for everything else. Do you really need that knick-knack someone brought you from a vacation you didn’t even take yourself? Get rid of as much as you can, including framed photos and art on the walls. Save only a few simple pieces that won’t serve as distractions. Clear out your drawers too, so that they only hold essentials while keeping them out of sight. You may have equipment that’s necessary to keep on hand, like a camera, but not necessary to keep out on your desk to serve as a distraction at all times.

  • Have a physical inbox. This is particularly important if you work in an office that hasn’t fully transitioned to digital yet. Once you have cleared away your existing papers, you’ll have an inbox for others to put papers in. Assess these at the end of each day so that you do not build up an overwhelming amount of work for yourself.
  • Simplify everything. This goes for both your computer and your surroundings. Have your desktop be set to a simple, calming backdrop, with no distracting icons or turned-on email and IM notifications. If possible, only check your email at certain set times during the day. Most of the time, it only serves as a distraction.

    Also, simplify your filing by implementing an alphabetical system that you update regularly. Don’t let papers pile up! Decorations and furniture should also be comfortable and as simple as possible. A rock garden or a vase of simple flowers as a focal point instantly make for a Zen-like

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