Building and Maintaining Good Work Relationships

It would be difficult to get through life without the bonds of friendship, and your work life is no exception. Of course, you can go to work each day and zone in on your tasks, immerse yourself in your activities at your height-adjustable desk and high-tail it out of there when it is time to go home—but having work friends is much more enjoyable. In fact, according to a recent study, those who have friends at work are much more likely to be engaged in their job. Having a best friend is ideal, but simply having comrades will do the trick and help to keep you satisfied with your job.

This idea sounds great—but, maybe you do not consider yourself great at making friends. Perhaps your particular Atlanta office is full of people that you simply tolerate or do not get along with at all. Here is how you can successfully build and maintain good work relationships with your peers.


Why Are Good Relationships Important?

Humans crave friendships and positive social interactions. It is a natural characteristic that most strive to nurture, just as the need for water and food. Happiness goes hand-in-hand with how well your needs are met. It is no secret that the more positive employees are feeling, the more productive they are at work. Your work relationships give you a multitude of benefits which include: being happy about going to work, improved creativity and innovation, enjoying being at work, and networking to implement your ideas.

Rather than stress over your negative relationships at work, positive relationships give you the freedom to think about the future. These friendships are essential to developing your career, and they are not exclusive to the people within your office—strive to be friendly to your clients, suppliers and connecting workplaces as well.


What Makes a Good Relationship?

The basic foundation for any good friendship is trust. This promotes teamwork and opens the door to communicate with your peers more effectively. You should also maintain a mutual respect for one another and be mindful about your words and actions. Do not let your negative feelings have an impact on your work relationships. Always keep an open mind and welcome all opinions, respectfully. This will promote open communication and further solidify your friendships.


Building Your Work Relationships

Building your work relationships begins with you. How good are your people skills? What do you want from others? Understanding these parts about yourself is essential. You must understand that most relationships do not simply unfold. Make the point of going out of your way each day to spend a few minutes developing your friendships with key figures. Spend your lunch together, ask to grab a cup of coffee or simply reply to their social media postings—little efforts go a long way. Be positive and appreciative, avoid the work gossip, and remain aware of your professional boundaries.


Standing at Work Can Help

Standing at work promotes positive communication between employees. A Sit2Stand Height-Adjustable Desk is a great conversation starter in itself. If you would like to learn more, visit our product page or contact a representative with Uprite Ergo today.


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