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How to Beat Bad Back Pain at Work

Whether you are still sitting at a regular desk or utilizing a height-adjustable workstation, chances are that you have probably experienced some back pain associated with your job. In fact, upwards of 80 percent of the Atlanta workforce will experience some back pain in their lifetime. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to […]

Six Ways to Stay Happy at Your Job

No one sets out on their career path looking for a job that they will not like—even just a bit. When you spend the majority of your waking hours at one location, it is important to keep your morale high or risk falling into depression. Unfortunately, many people begin searching for other options in the […]

What Makes Millennial Employees Unique

Millennials are currently the driving force behind the Atlanta workforce. It is very clear that this generation has begun to fill the shoes of previous generations, influencing everything from politics to food trends. If you are an employer, you probably already have several millennial employees in your office. Very soon, this generation will make up […]

Healthy Snacks: Myth and Fact

Most people want to live a healthy lifestyle and try to make choices to stay on the right path. What you put into your body, and also avoid, is very important. Snacking is a healthy habit—if you are choosing the right foods. Unfortunately, many of the snack options that people believe to be healthy are […]

Yoga in the Workplace

Most adults spend the majority of their waking hours at work. While being productive and successful is great, all the time that you are devoting to your job could be taking away from other important activities—like staying in shape. Who has the time to go to a gym or jump in a fitness class when […]

The Benefits of Standing vs. Sitting at Work

The job you choose will greatly impact your life. It can be the key to living your dreams aside from just being the source of your income. It’s also where you will spend the majority of your day, so your work environment is as important as the work itself. On the surface, your work station […]

The Best Ways to Exercise After Work

While morning exercise can help you energize in preparation for the rest of your day, afternoon or evening workout sessions are safer for your body and often allow for you to spend more time exercising. Still, it can be daunting to try and set up a complex workout routine from scratch.

4 Things to Know When Transitioning to a Standing Desk

There is a lot of misinformation traveling around offices about those oh-so-popular height-adjustable workstations that have everyone standing at work. Some are very “pro-standing” while others have you sitting right back in your chair. What is the truth? Is it true that you can never wear a nice pair of heels to the job again […]

Your Spine and Posture for Different Situations

Good posture is the best way to avoid stiffness, pain and injury, as well as to promote effective circulation and breathing. The most central component of good posture is your spine position; most elements of posture are at least partly intended to avoid damaging imbalance and to keep pressure off your spine. But good posture […]